Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Update 5/29

First up: Completed Goals - Get first and second Kara key fragments, finish the quest 'Threat From Above', and save 550g.

I actually passed my goal of 550g by 105g, so grats to me. On Sunday night I was able to get a group that finished Shadow Labs and helped me get my first fragment. I turned that quest in and got the quest for the second and third ones. I then had a guildie help me with the second frag guardian because I tried three times and couldn't beat him myself. So now I just need to get the third fragment, turn that in, do the BM event and then whatever comes after that.

Before I can do the BM event I need to finish that stupid quest to help Thrall find his destiny. In other news, I bought some healing gear, including Imbued Netherweave Robe and Staff of Divination, incase I ever take the role of healer. I also bought myself some new kitty gloves - Fel Leather Gloves. I got revered with Kuranei, ran Steamvaults, and leveled a Draenai Shaman to 10. That's pretty much my weekend, nothing interesting. I didn't really work on goals for my other characters, but I'll get to them.

Beach Party Information and Updates
-Beach in Tanaris south of Steamwheedle Port. It's where the turtles are.
-If you want to attend, then come to Blackwing Lair Server.
-I will try to have Warlock summons available. If you would like to help out with that I'd be very grateful.
-If you would like to volunteer to help out with drinks, food, giveaway items, games, events, etc. Let me know.
-Date is still unknown, I'm thinking Friday or Saturday June 8th or 9th. Time will be around 6:00 pm my server time, which is Pacific time I believe. All I know is it's three hours behind my RL time.

Updated Goals...

*Run Arcataz and get third key fragment
*Save 720g
*Do BM event
*Finish Durnholde Quest

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Keystone said...

Grats on reaching your goals ^^

I'll start a character on Blackwing Lair to attend the beach party, and if you can get me to Tanaris, I'll help out with the summons too.