Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gonna get my key fragment

Before I go into any detail on that, location for that beach party will be the beach in Tanaris south of Steamwheedle Port.

Anyways, about that key...since I'm a druid, and druids are awesome, I can just stealth up to that chest that contains the key. And I've been told the guard that spawns when you open the chest is pretty easy to kill, so that means I'll have myself an easy kill (hopefully) and the first key fragment. I've tried getting it three times, but my groups have just never made it that far...
For the second key frag, I'm going to follow Amanna's guide. So hopefully I'll get something accomplished. Here's my list of goals for the weekend...

*Get first Kara key fragment
*Get second Kara key fragment

*Finish 'Threat From Above'
*Do some arena and BGs
*Make 550g

*Finish Vancleef quest
*Hit 24
*Get some new gear
*Finish Redridge quests
*Get pet Isthla to 23

*Get to level 18
*Finish questing in Westfall

These arn't in any order, just typed them in that order.

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Keystone said...

You can probably take the elite that spawns if you go bear and get some heals via frenzied regen + bash + heal + barkskin + heal.

Ok, I officially made me want to play my Druid! My goal this weekend is to hit 60 on my Druid!

And you're right about the boss numbering. You do have to get past the first three, but you can get the key frag without aggroing Murmer.

About that beach party, let me know the date and I'll come ^^