Monday, December 17, 2007

Epic Boots

Just got those today =P


Isthla (who is my main, showing off her winter wear)

Arasa, my level 24 hunter and her cat Isthla

Alarisa, my level 12 mage and her Voidwalker who I <3

Eaimer, my level 20 mage

Ranea, my level 26 priest

These are certaintly not all of my alts. I have some more...just need to take some screenshots of 'em.

Monday, December 10, 2007

No, I'm not dead

I just haven't really had anything to post...

But, the next post, which will hopefully be soon...maybe by the end of the week, will contain something of interest hopefully.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is why you shouldn't make the gnomes mad...

"Who am I kidding," she muttered angrily to herself as the brittle winds whipped around her. Drawing her black cloak tighter around her lean frame, Isthla kept moving through the billowing snow. A hood shielded her face from light but certaintly not from the cold. Her purple lips had gone pale from the cold and her long eyebrows were covered in ice particles.

"Just because I stood around while their stupid king almost got killed those darn gnomes won't let me use their tram. Heh...he deserved to almost die. He pratically wiped his own race out for Elune's sake! And what do those blasted gnomes do? They kick me off the tram when I try to get on...And ofcourse the gryphons in Ironforge just had to be on break. Who ever heard of gryphons needing breaks! They're here to fly me around not sit around and eat their blasted hay! It'd be nice if they'd eat some of those gnomes."

She continued on her trek through the snow, muttering to herself inaudiably. Her feet crunched the snow as she almost sank in every step.

"This is going to be a long walk to Stormwind..."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


In the past few weeks I've been complaining to my ingame friends how boring WoW has gotten for me. One of my friends said he had the same problem, but unlike me, he was actually doing something about it. See, I just came to the realization that it is completly my fault that I'm bored with the game. Recently, all I've pretty much been doing is logging on to Isthla, saying hi to the guildies, and sitting around SW for a while, not doing anything at all. Every once and a while I'd logged on to an alt, sit around and go back on Isthla.

Boring isn't it?

And now that I've figured out the problem, I know the solution. I, myself, need to work out the boredom. This weekend I'm going to get around to things I've been putting off for no good reason. These are things I've been wanting to do to achieve my goals. And they will get done, and I will not have to complain about my boredom anymore.

  • PVP - Any BG is fine with me! I just need the honor and marks to get my next piece of pvp epicness
  • Grind Winterspring rep - Yes, yes, I know. Sounds boring and mundane. Well, it will be, I admit. But I want my tiger!
  • Do my dailies - I want epic flight form, and therefore I need to quest for the gold. Putting off my dailys won't help me at all.
  • Run Instances - Yeah. I want my rep. I want my herioc keys. Not gonna get that by sitting around am I?
  • Try to get a spot in a Kara raid - Due to some RL issues I am not able to get online when my guild, TK, raids. So my friend has said he might try to find me a spot in his guild's raid groups. Even if I have to respec tree, I'd be happy to go.

And there's many, various, other things. But I think that small list gives you an idea of some of what I want. Oh, and I'd also someday like to be called:

Isthla, Queen of Pets

Or something along those lines =D Be looking for a post on that in the near future...

Sleeper Cartel's 3rd Annual Halloween Party

Check that out.

I'm probably going to be attending, so I'm ofcourse going to make a character on Perenolde on Friday and try to get her to atleast 10 before Saturday...haha...Gonna be a night elf druid named Isthla that looks exactly like, you guessed it, Isthla on BWL.

And if I enjoy this party enough I might try to level this druid up. She's not going to be feral though. Boomkin looks rather fun...hmm...

So anyway, if any of you readers decide to attend I guess I'll see you there. You'll know me when you see Isthla. Happy partying for all of you that attend, and I'll probably have some coverage on this both here and on The Azeroth Times. I always love to find an exciting new event to write about.

Just so you know, the party is on Saturday, 7 pm Perenolde server time.

p.s. ugh...I need a new 2v2 team.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Story - Prologue Sample

Just a little something to entertain you...

The pounding of hooves shattered the forest’s peaceful silence. Birds and other creatures fled at the sound, it was definitely not something that belonged.
“Do you see her?” a deep voice called as the pounding came to a stop.
“Nope, no trace,” replied another voice, this time a bit higher than the first.
Two black horses stood in a forest clearing and sitting on their backs were two rather bulky men.
“We’ll never find her. She’s eluded us for weeks,” whined the higher pitched man.
“Don’t give up hope, Ley, she can’t hide forever. Eventually we’ll find ‘er and bring the criminal to the king. He’ll pay us good; we’ve got to keep searching,” said the other.
With no further conversation they rode deeper into the forest. In the shadows of the clearing sat a panther that blended in quite well. It twitched its tail, leapt into the trees, and was gone from sight.