Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sleeper Cartel's 3rd Annual Halloween Party


Check that out.

I'm probably going to be attending, so I'm ofcourse going to make a character on Perenolde on Friday and try to get her to atleast 10 before Saturday...haha...Gonna be a night elf druid named Isthla that looks exactly like, you guessed it, Isthla on BWL.

And if I enjoy this party enough I might try to level this druid up. She's not going to be feral though. Boomkin looks rather fun...hmm...

So anyway, if any of you readers decide to attend I guess I'll see you there. You'll know me when you see Isthla. Happy partying for all of you that attend, and I'll probably have some coverage on this both here and on The Azeroth Times. I always love to find an exciting new event to write about.

Just so you know, the party is on Saturday, 7 pm Perenolde server time.

p.s. ugh...I need a new 2v2 team.

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