Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekend Update 5/22

A day late, but oh well.

On Friday I was playing on Arasa my hunter and decided to get a group for VC since I had two quests there. At first, we had five people that wanted to come, but whenever I tried to invite the fifth person, the thing said "party is full". So we left, regrouped, and tried again. Still didn't work. Someone suggested it might be my pet. So I dismissed by pet and we were able to invite the fifth person oddly enough. I called my pet back and we were ready to go. Everyone headed to the instance and then we all jumped through the portal. Not even close to the first boss, we lost one of our dps. Then the tank went afk. So I took it upon myself to tank this place with my kitty. I was 22, mind you. A level 22 hunter tank >.< We got to the boss at the goblin foundry and wiped finally. And we gave up. Anyways, Arasa dinged 23 and completed one quest, so I guess it's all good.

On Saturday I, Isthla, tanked Shadow Labs, but again, couldn't get past the third boss. We tried three times, and wiped each time. My armor was going down fast, and eventually we gave up. I need to get that first key fragment. Ugh >.>


Keystone said...

You can get the key fragment without killing the 3rd boss; it's on the left side against the wall right before the boss.

Isthla said...

The key's on the wall before the third boss? I've never noticed it...I thought it was after the last boss, but you didn't have to kill the lost boss to get it? I dunno, I've never been that far.

Keystone said...

Murmer is the third & last boss. He won't aggro you if you run up to the left side where the key frag is located. Just click on the frag and a 70 elite will spawn (he's very easy to kill).

Once you kill him, you can loot the key off his corpse. All this can be done without aggroing Murmer.

Goodluck! ^^