Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Level 70

Isthla and her Gryphon. Picture's explain it all :)


Keystone said...

Nice screenshots ^^

I'm glad to see you went with the white griff, looks great!

Also, I'm happy to hear you playing your Mage alt, I might have to hop on my level 53 Druid and get him to 70.

The Mage & Druid are my two favorite classes; they're both so fun!

Although I'm a Frost fanatic, I would recommend Fire for leveling. It offers more than Frost early in the tree, and you can always respec later if you want.

Try these talents until level 40, then consider a respec. My favorite Mage talent is "Ice Barrier" (31 pnt Frost talent, achieved @ LvL 40)

Try these for now...
Lvl 10-14 : Improved Fireball 5/5
Lvl 15-16 : Flame Throwing 2/2
Lvl 17-21: Impact 5/5
Lvl 22-23: Burning Soul 2/2
Lvl 24-26: Ignite 3/5
Lvl 27-29: Master of Elements 3/3
Lvl 30-32: Critical Mass 3/3
Lvl 33-34: Ignite 5/5
Lvl 35-39: Fire Power 5/5
Lvl 40: Combustion 1/1

Snakey said...

SEEE!!! Told you Ish you shouldn't specced fire for leveling.

Frost is for aoe leveling lol

Snakey said...

wooooooo new account

Anonymous said...

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