Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Update 5/14

On Friday I quested a lot in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley. I also ran Sethekk Halls and got my Shadow Labs key and filled four bars of experiance in there. By the time I logged off, I was 6 bars away from 70.

On Saturday I quested in Shadowmoon for about three hours and filled those bars up. It took that long because I kept ketting killed...wooo...So anyways, after I turned in the quest that follows 'Find the Deserter', I dinged. I then flew Shattrath, got my Book: Gift of the Wild III out of the bank, learned GotW Rank III, teleported to Moonglade and bought my spells. And then, I did Shadow Labs, but my group couldn't get past the third boss. After that my guild got together a group and we ran Shattered Halls but couldn't manage to down the last boss.

Right now I'm saving for my epic flying lessons, and I have right around 480g. I'm going to dump enchanting for skinning atm, so I can make that 5000g. I also have all my balance spells from about level 30 up that I need to buy since I skipped them during leveling. This weekend I'm planning on the starting the Netherwing quest chain.

On my mage, Eaimer, I hit level 11 and I am 6 1/4 bars from 12. I find mages to be a rather fun class, and I'm looking forward to the higher levels. For Eaimer I took Tailoring and Enchanting. Her tailoring is 75 right now, and Enchanting is about 15 or 16. I'm glad I am able to make all my own armor instead of relying on other people, drops, or the AH. I'm sure in higher levels quest rewards or drops might be better than the armor I have equipped, but for now that's not the case.

For the time being, I'm going to play on Eaimer during the week and Isthla on the weekends. I'll have some pictures of Isthla being 70 soon, and maybe some of Eaimer doing her magey stuff. Yay.


Keystone said...

Hey, grats on level 70!!!

I'm glad to see you like the Mage class, it's a great alt for a Druid.

I stayed up way too late to hit level 70 last night, I'm exhuasted today at work =/

Don't forget to do the chain quest in Shadowmoon Valley to get your Second Sight Helm. It's a semi-long quest that ends with a 5-man group killing a 70 elite dragon, good stuff.

Snakey said...

Wooooo grats Ish

Try to level Eaimer too :) I'll wait on Snakeyjr if you want