Monday, April 23, 2007

Questing Never Ends

So, after questing for about four hours, plus getting ganked, dieing in Underbog five times, flying places etc., I managed to get 6 bars away from 66. I think I can ding on Tuesday, but that all depends on how much questing I can do. Yesterday (Sunday) I completed some quests in Terokkar including: The Shadow Tomb, Thinning the Ranks, Firewing Liason, and Unruly Neighbors. I don't recommend killing orcs with your armor at 9/50 durability....I realized I was doing that after I died from getting attacked by three level 62 orcs in bear form. So I rezzed, ran to Allerian Stronghold, repaired and went and killed more orcs. How fun :)

Well, no telling when I'll post next. Depends on if I have anything interesting to say in the near future...
P.S. I changed my template. So exciting...!

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