Friday, March 16, 2007

Hitting 60

No, I've not done it yet, but I plan to today. I've got all my level 58 bars filled with rest exp, and I think about 5 or 6 bars filled. I plan on doing Hellfire Ramparts today to fill in some exp and make some money. Then I've got to get some quests out of the way. Don't want to be stuck in Hellfire Peninsula forever, though I do enjoy questing in the area. Some quests I've got to get done include...

Cursed Talismans; I need to kill Bleeding Hollow orcs and collect 12 Cursed Talismans. I can easily solo this.
Invasion Point: Annilation; I need to kill a level 62 demon surrounded by mobs, get a key from him and shut down a portal, also surrounded by mobs. I need some help if I want to get this quest done quickly. Otherwise, I'm going to be stuck pulling one thing at a time with faerie fire so I don't get overwhelmed.
An Old Gift; This quest takes me to Expedition Armory, where there are a whole lot of ghost people. They hit hard, very hard. And I need to get a book from inside the fortress if I can manage to make it inside.
Job for an Intelligent Man; For this, I need to kill 10 or 15 Maurauding Crust Bursters, which I do not know the location of. I'll have to look that up.

Anyways, planning on finishing all those today and getting some more, and possible moving out of the region if I finish all the quests there. I've already done quite a bit of them, and I am hoping to get the 'Go here and talk to this person' quest soon that tells me where to go next. So that is pretty much it. I've got 20g saved up for my epic mount. Hoping to get halfway there today, so I need 25g more. Then I'll have 45g and then I'll only need 45g to afford the mount. Lessons are a totally different story....

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