Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Update

Well, I managed to get some things done this weekend. On Friday, I ran Hellfire Ramparts and dinged 60. Our group tried to kill the last boss, the dragon guy, but we failed miserably. We did manage to kill the rider, but the dragon was just too much. I was the last one it targeted, after all the other group members were dead and I jumped off the side of the platform onto the ramp below and it chased me and eventually I died. So we gave up. I then teleported to Moonglade and flew to Darnassus. I used my 'Book: Gift of the Wild II' to learn Gift of the Wild Rank II. I then sent 20g to my money saving character and was able to buy one spell. I also put some stuff on the AH then logged for the night.

On Saturday, I wasn't able to play much, maybe for about an hour. I ran Blood Furnace and got some bars filled. I then made a trip to Darnassus and bought my epic mount 'Reins of the Swift Frostsaber' for 90g. Now I just need to save up 540g for riding lessons. Then on Sunday, I finished the quests Invasion Point: Annilihation, The Path of Glory, Cursed Talismans - and most of that chain, and Overlord. I also got some more quests, some of which include:

The Pools of Aggonor; I know I spelled that wrong, but anyways. What I have to do is kill 6 Terrorfiends and 4 or 6 Bubbling Rots in the Pools. This quest comes from the Temple of Telhamat at 60.
The Heart of Darkness; Kill 10 Terrofiends in the Pools. Also from the Temple at 60.
The Cruel Taskmasters; Kill 6 Illidari Taskmasters to help the Broken Ones. Also gotten from the Temple at level 60.

I have more quests, but I can't remember what I have to do for them. Anyways, by the time I logged off on Sunday I was halfway to 61 and I made 10g from one days worth of quests and such.


Taudok said...

here's a leveling resource for you. I found it just before i ding'd lvl 58 and have been using it since.
he also has a pre-pakaged set of add-ons that work very well and he keeps constantly updated.

Tanuviel said...

Congratulations on your 60! Now you have a new life in Outland in front of you. :) Now that you start questing in Hellfire if you are aiming for Cenarion Rep I will suggest to SKIP the Cenarion quests for now and keep them for later. You have better ways to reach honored with them than questing. Once you hit honored then you can come back and do all the quests. Just a little hint if you are aftert the amazing feral mace from them.