Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Epic Riding Lessons

As it stands, I have 20g saved up for lessons so far that cost 540g (I checked prices last night) Quests in Outland give me 2g per reward, and Runecloth is selling for 2g 50s per stack. So, at this rate, it should take me...208 stacks of Runecloth! Well, that is not my only option for making money. So lets add in the fact that I get 2g per quest reward and I do, let's say, 30 quests. Now, let's say doing each quest I manage to get 1 stack of Runecloth. That would give me 135g if that is the rate I was going at. Now, let's add quest rewards in that sell for about 1g a piece. Now, deeming that I use about 5 of the rewards, I'll get 25 that I can sell. So, that gives me 25g right there. So, that is 160g saved up. Now, let's add some instances. Let's say I do one instance run and make 5g...So I have 165g so far. Now at this rate it does seem slow. But, adding in the fact that I get money from killing humanoids, items I can sell, and that 20g already saved up, that should bring me to about 200g...So, at this rate, it should take me two to three weeks to make the full money I need to get Epic Riding Lessons. Now, I am trying to do this all before I hit 60, but doing 30 quests in going to make me ding, and I don't want to hit 60 before I have my riding lessons. Lets also add in the fact that I still don't have the actual horse yet. I've still got a lot of PvPing to do. I've got 4 Alteric Valley Marks of Honor, 1 Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor, and 0 Arathi Baisen Marks of Honor. Well, this means I've got 26 more Alteric Valley Marks of Honor, 29 Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor, and 30 Arathi Baisen Marks of Honor to go before I can achieve the goal of actually getting my mount. That is a lot of Battlegrounds if, due to the fact that Alliance loses almost all the time, I only get 1 mark per BG. But, one good thing is that now that I am 59, I am the highest level that can go into my level range of BG's, which should help get closer to a win. Last time I did a BG I was level 57, and that is not much against a 59.

So, that's it. I'm done with my ranting, and my plan is not made yet about how to get the money, but I do have a simple outline...

Quest and instance until 3 bars from 60, then get all remaining Marks Of Honor from BGs. Afterwords, kill things with Mageweave drops and sell Mageweave and any other items I recieve. Finally, kill skelatons in Plaguelands that drop Runecloth and sell all stacks until I get all riding lesson money I need.

That is my plan outline, nothing to complex, just a simple little something to follow. If anyone has any tips on how to make quick money (Besides buying gold, I would never do that) then please leave a comment, I'd really appriciate it. Thanks :)

Comments on other things welcome as well.

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Taudok said...

Not really sure what level Tailoring you are but here's a part of a guide I have used for all my tailors getting them to lvl 300. After that it's really easy to begin leveling since there are tons of Netherweave Cloth drops in Hellfire alone, not to mention all the other areas of Outlands. Well here goes:

Getting from 200 to 275

First make some more crimson silk vests to get from 200 to 205 and crimson silk pantaloons to get to 215.
Make black mageweave leggings or vests to get from 215 to 220, black mageweave gloves to get from 220 to 230 and black mageweave headbands or shoulders to get from 230 to 250.
At 250 you can make bolts of runecloth, which greys out at 260. Make bolts of runecloth until you reach 260 skill and use those to make runecloth belts. The runecloth belt recipe becomes yellow at 270, so you should be able to reach 275 using this recipe.
This table shows the different recipes used to get from 200 to 275.
Skill Yellow Grey Item Components From - To Components needed
185 205 225 Crimson Silk Vest 4x Bolt of Silk Cloth,
2x Red Dye,
2x Fine Thread 200 - 205 (5) 20x Bolt of Silk Cloth,
10x Red Dye,
10x Fine Thread
195 215 235 Crimson Silk Pantaloons 4x Bolt of Silk Cloth,
2x Red Dye,
2x Silken Thread 200 - 215 (5) 20x Bolt of Silk Cloth,
10x Red Dye,
10x Silken Thread
205 220 250 Black Mageweave Leggings
or Black Mageweave Vest 2x Bolt of Mageweave,
3x Silken Thread 215 - 220 (5) 10x Bolt of Mageweave,
15x Silken Thread
215 230 260 Black Mageweave Gloves 2x Bolt of Mageweave,
2x Heavy Silken Thread 220 - 230 (10) 20x Bolt of Mageweave,
20x Heavy Silken Thread
230 245 275 Black Mageweave Headband or
Black Mageweave Shoulders 3x Bolt of Mageweave,
2x Heavy Silken Thread 230 - 250 (20) 60x Bolt of Mageweave,
40x Heavy Silken Thread
250 255 260 Bolt of Runecloth 5x Runecloth 250 - 260 (10) 50x Runecloth
255 270 300 Runecloth Belt 3x Bolt of Runecloth,
1x Rune Thread 260 - 275 (15) 45x Bolt of Runecloth,
15x Rune Thread

Getting from 275 to 300
Although the runecloth belt recipe greys out at 300 I wouldn't use this recipe to skill up to 300, because the amount of runecloth needed would be huge and thus expensive.
Below is a table with recipe's available from different vendors. These are limited availability recipe's, so you need some luck getting them, but i think they are much more usefull in getting your skill to 300.
Of course there are plenty of dropped recipe's that can get you to 300, but getting those require even more luck than with the vendor available recipe's or spending some money at the auction house.
Make runecloth bags to get to 280 and runecloth gloves to get to 300.
Congratulations, you now have 300 skill in tailoring.
This table shows the different recipes that are available through vendors to get from 275 to 300.

Skill Yellow Grey Item Components From - To Components needed
260 275 305 Runecloth Bag 5x Bolt of Runecloth,
2x Rugged Leather,
1x Rune Thread 275 - 280 (5) 25x Bolt of Runecloth,
10x Rugged Leather,
5x Rune Thread
275 290 320 Runecloth Gloves 4x Bolt of Runecloth,
4x Rugged Leather,
1x Rune Thread 280 - 300 (20) 80x Bolt of Runecloth,
80x Rugged Leather,
20x Rune Thread
This table shows who and where the different vendors are for the previously mentioned recipe's. The vendors are neutral to both Horde and Alliance.
What Who Where
Runecloth Bag Qia Everlook in Winterspring
Runecloth Gloves Qia Everlook in Winterspring

This table shows the material needed to get from 270 to 300.
Component Minimum Amount Estimated Amount
Runecloth 525 (27 stacks) 700 (35 stacks)
Rugged Leather 90 (9 stacks) 120 (12 stacks)

This was all formated to MS Word sry that it broke up as bad as it did. If you have any other questions you can reach me at my website, through the general blog!