Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ding 59!

Well, actually, I dinged 58 first, then I hit 59.

Last night I played on my druid for a while and after several Scholo runs and such, I hit 58. I immediatly headed to Outlands and grabbed some quests. Afterwords I got off, seeing as it was late, and went to bed. Today, I managed to fill a whole level of exp, and hit 59. After all, what good is rest exp if you don't use it? So, after all that work (Bombing runs, collecting things, blowing up towers, etc...) I had 7 bars left of rest experiance. Well, that's all good, but now I think I am going to focus on my Pally. I have a good friend on the server she is on, and he is quickly overleveling me. So, in the case that I don't want that to happen, I am going to be focusing on my Paladin more than ever. Hopefully, once I get 70, and all my end game gear and stuffs, I can then focus on my druid once more.

Well, that's all for now I suppose. I'll post later with more info.