Monday, May 7, 2007

Weekend Update 5/7

Soooo....I had sort of a successful weekend. :)

On Friday after much questing and getting owned by a horde 20-man Durn (the Hungerer) raid group, I hit 68, grabbed flight form and flew around Shattrath city for about an hour. I logged off for the night since I was tired and it was late.

On Saturday, due to the loveliness of full rest, I was able to get 8 bars away from 69 and I could have leveled that night but I was tired and it was late and I logged off Isthla and made a human mage, leveled her to 3 and got off for the night.

On Sunday I hit 69, so I'm now one level from 70 and raiding and flying mounts and all that good stuff :D

I didn't take any pictures from the air...totally forgot, but I might have some up in my next post. This week I'm going to play on some different characters to take a break before hitting that last level, since my other characters need some attention too. I have to be nice to them. Especially my 22 hunter (BM ftw!) who still has level 13 gear on her...Pitiful I say, pitiful...

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