Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This post is nothing too important, just a list of some updates on things...

Epic Flying

--I should be at 2000g by this weekend. Currently I'm going at a rate of about 300g a weekend, because that's the only time I can play. I might try to increase this, but I'll have to see what time allows. I don't want to be stuck questing all day...


Reached level 25
--Once I reach 27 I should have a friend that I'll be leveling with. Also, instead of staying in the usual night elf questing areas I'm going to be moving to the human areas. I eventually want to hit exalted with Stormwind so Ranea can get a horse, instead of riding around a tiger...


Remade as a [priest]
--This is probably what I'm going to keep her as, since I find priest's fun, and wouldn't mind trying a priest on the horde side...


Draenai shaman on BWL
--Dorinaa existed before, she was level 11, but I deleted her. I have once again remade her, and she is currently level one. I have several other alts I'm working on, so she is probably going to remain in the low level range for a while.


No updates as of yet
--Along with Ranea, this is one of the two alts I will be working on most. She is currently level 24, nearing 25, and I might be able to get there in the next few weeks, depending on what I'm doing.


Reached level 17
--She is getting close to 18, and should be there soon. She will most likely be leveling a bit slower than Ranea and Arasa, but I will try to spend some time on her when I can.

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